“Happy New Year, Happy new you in 2016!”

As we tear off another page from the calendar, suddenly we find ourselves in 2016. What an opportunity!

We will drink our Champaign tonight and party to celebrate another year over and a whole, new, exciting new year that lies ahead.

What will it bring?

What are your new year resolutions?

The truth is that today is just like yesterday, and tomorrow will be the same.

The change in a year does not affect that.

What it does do, however, is give a valuable punctuation mark in the story of your life. A trigger, or anchor point, for you to assess how you are doing and make plans for the future, to ensure that the coming year will be better than the ones that have gone before.

Changing the calendar will not bring change by itself – it is up to you, and you alone, to develop the plans that will improve your life!

MindkeysTM can give you the tools that you need to determine your goals, and the techniques that will allow you to achieve them.

And lastly, a majority of what we achieve is using our unconscious mind which uses very specific instructions to get us where we want to be. I am sure that there will be many consciously set ‘new year resolutions’ over the end of the year, so, let’s consider the strange language that we are using when we do this:

“new year”

– does this mean that it only applies to the new year? What happens when the year becomes slightly older?


– a majority of us only use this word once a year, and, when used out of this context, it doesn’t mean much to many of us. How many of us say things such as “I have made a resolution to go to the gym this evening” or “My resolution for tomorrow is to complete the resource plan”?

Therefore, the instructions that we are giving to our unconscious minds when we set ourselves a new year resolution are vague, confusing and not at all powerful.


Let mindkeysTM help you to achieve what you want to achieve in 2016, in your business or your personal life, by giving you the tools and techniques that will give you every opportunity to succeed.

Contact us for more information on mike@mind-keys.com

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