Taking Control of your life

cause-effectWe all know people who blame everything on something else apart from themselves:

“I would exercise more but I always feel so tired.”

“I haven’t had time to write that report I promised yet.”

“How am I expected to play well when there are so many other things going on?”

“If only someone would give me a chance then I could be very successful.”

Such excuses can be given in all of the different aspects of life – work, relationships, fun etc. Maybe you use them sometimes too?

When people blame something else for what is happening to them, or has happened to them, they indicate that they are letting life happen to them, and not taking responsibility for their own results.

“It’s just the way it is!”

“I can’t do anything about it!”

In NLP the terminology Cause > Effect is used. It means that someone who is at Cause is taking responsibility for their life, whilst someone who is at Effect is letting life just happen to them, they are the victim. It is surely more powerful and successful to be at Cause.

Try this exercise
On a piece of paper, split your life up into its different aspects – work, love, fun, health and fitness etc. In each of the aspects establish whether you live this aspect at Cause or Effect. The results may surprise you and make you think of actions you can take in your life that could make you more responsible for your destiny.

As with any NLP process, it is always important to consider the ecology of any actions you take and consider any negative implications that your actions could create, to both yourself and others.

Using this concept in more depth is just one of the many ways that Mindkeys™ can help you gain control of your life and guide you to better results. Contact us for more information.

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